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Welcome to your new Juicy feminine life!

I’m Candice Oneida and I’m here to show you how to get all of the relationship, love, sex and success that you ever thought possible.

I will show you how to get all of these things and so much more than you could imagine by engaging your feminine power, how to embody her and get everything you could ever want for your life.

I will show you how to come into your power as a woman and get the deep connection, intimacy, love and success that you truly want.

Candice Oneida

About Candice:

I have helped over 5000 women from over the world for the last 20 years overcome low libido and get their full juicy feminine libido back.

Growing up, I always had a strong sense of my body and my sexual energy. I could feel it. I was fascinated by it. I wanted to explore it.
I also had the intuitive sense that my sexuality was intrinsically related to my sense of well-being, strength and power.

I was raised in a medical family who dealt with pretty much everything based on symptoms.  This never felt right to me as I could sense that there were underlying factors to health issues that went deeper than this.

So, as a young adult I started to study the ancient texts from that of Taoism to Tantra to Kriya and Kundalini yoga.  I then found a spiritual teacher who taught energetic meditation techniques that put these studies into practice and reality.

I liked pushing myself and the feeling that there was always another level to get to with these techniques.  I realized that I could now reach high states through meditation and specific energetic practices to awaken myself and my energy….and my life never looked the same again.

My spiritual and sexual experiences have become so deep, so life-changing, that I have dedicated my life’s work to show you how the same is possible for you.   How to awaken your energy, take control of it and step into a life full of abundant energy, fulfilling intimate sex, love and deep connection.

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